Lanhydrock Angling Association
Terms & Conditions


  • Members are expected to have read, understood and abide by the Club Constitution – members will have been sent a copy when they joined the Club. A copy is available on request from the Secretary.
  • Junior Members must be accompanied by an adult member of Lanhydrock Angling Association, or a Day or Week ticket holder at all times.
  • Day and Week Ticket holders will receive a copy of the Club Rules and a map of the Club water and parking arrangements. These temporary members are expected to abide by the Club rules while they are on National Trust property, the car parks and on the riverbank. All queries should be raised with the Secretary or Membership Secretary before starting to fish.
  • Any selling of fish is prohibited.
  • Licenses and Tickets may not be shared and are not transferrable.

Tickets and Licenses

  • All Members, whether Adult, Junior or Day and Week ticket holders, should present their membership card or ticket for inspection when asked and should expect to see the membership card of the other angler or National Trust staff.
  • An Environment Agency Migratory Fish (Salmon and Sea Trout) License is required to fish Lanhydrock Angling Association water. A Trout License is not sufficient.

    Season dates

    • Brown Trout and Sea Trout - 1st April - 31st August.
    • Any fish accidentally caught after this period must be returned
    • Salmon - 1st April - 30th November.
    • all salmon caught before the 16th June to be returned.

      Catch Limits and Fishing Tackle

      • Sea Trout - 2 per day, 4 per week, 10 per season
      • Red or gravid fish to be returned
      • Fish under 40cm (15inches) and above 60 cm (24inches) to be returned
      • Salmon - 1 per season, first Salmon caught to be returned Anglers should aim for 90% catch and release
      • Artificial baits (lures, spinners and fly) only to be used. The use of artificial worms, prawns, etc. is not permitted.
      • Barbless or de-barbed hooks only.
      • No Treble Hooks – Single or Double only, then only Single hooks after 31st August